Diners Club Credit Card

Unlock the premium credit card benefits offered by HDFC bank in 2022

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premium credit card

Unlock the premium credit card benefits offered by HDFC bank in 2022


HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card


Eligibility Criteria


Diners Club Black Credit Card, A top notch credit card offered by HDFC bank for their premium clients.

This Diners Club Black Credit Card is not granted but earned premium credit card.

Why I am saying it is earned premium credit card because to own this you have to qualify some strict eligibility criteria.

The first eligibility criteria is your net monthly income.

if you are salaried person then monthly net salary should be more than Rs.1.75 lakhs per month.

If you are self-employed then income tax return filing should be more than Rs.21 lakhs per annum.

The above criteria is itself self-explanatory that only 5% people of the India have such level of income per month.

So, if you are owning this credit card means you are in the top 5% population of the India.

The second eligibility criteria is your age should be between minimum 21yrs & maximum 60 yrs. for salaried and 65 yrs. for self-employed person.

Fee & Charges


The joining/renewal membership fee for this card is Rs.10,000/- plus applicable taxes.

But there is a solution to avoid your next renewal fee of Rs.10,000 plus applicable taxes.

You have to use this card for your expenses of minimum 8 lakh per annum.

If you able to do this, then next renewal fee be waived off.

Now, if you satisfied all these conditions then you can apply for this card and become part of top 5% people of the India.

Now if you are thinking this card is so expensive then why should I own it?

Why premium credit card different from other credit cards?

Which benefits this credit card covers?

How can this credit card help me for international travel?

What is the hidden cost involved in it?

What are the terms & conditions which generally ignored?

To answer all these questions let’s go through this blog.

Here we are doing the detailing of features of this premium credit card which really means for you.

Now let’s discuss its features which have benefits for you and the benefits which really means you.

So, first feature is


Interest Free Credit Period


Up to 50 days of interest free credit period on your HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card from the date of purchase is available.

It means if you are disciplined in your life then you can use this premium credit card for your expenses and utilize your money for 50 days for some short-term investment.

But make sure the track record of all your expense so that not get into trouble due to overwhelming spend.


Credit Liability Cover


premium credit card

The credit liability cover provided by this premium credit card is Rs. 9 lakhs.

This is unique feature of this premium credit card which keeps you tension free.

In the event of accidental death or total permanent disability of insured, it covers the outstanding amount on your credit card and pays directly to the bank.


Insurance/Comprehensive Protection


The next best feature of the premium credit card is insurance cover on many things which are as follows.

Air Accident: Rs.2Cr


This premium credit card covers the primary card holder for the amount of Rs. 2Cr.

This insurance applies only if card holder sustains any air accident and suffers bodily injuries resulting in death within 12 months of the accident.

Emergency Medical Expenses: Rs.50Lakhs


If you are on any international travel outside India and met with any bodily injuries or sudden unexpected sickness,

then this premium credit card covers the card holder up to Rs.50 lakhs. But this doesn’t covers the pre-existing diseases (PED).


Baggage Delay Cover: Rs.55,000


If baggage of this premium card holder delayed beyond 8 hours for any international flight,

then it gives cover up to Rs.55,000 and maximum amount payable $10/hour.


Loss of Personal Documents: Rs.55,000


In the event of loss of personal documents of card holder, the company will pay on actual basis to get the duplicate passport/documents in the course of his/her international travel with deductible of $30.


Hijacking: Rs.55,000


If an unfortunate event, Hijacking occurs on international flight then this premium credit card covers for $75 per 6 hours with deductible of 12 hours.



This is another best feature of this HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Premium Credit Card.

As you much go higher on your success ladder in corporate or business world, you left with very much less time for planning your travel.

So in this event the personal concierge is a great help to travel across the globe.

A personal concierge will do all these activities from travel to hotels booking for you and saves your precious time which you can allocate some other value added activities.

For this you just have to call their dedicated contact numbers provided by bank and enjoy the benefits given by this premium credit card.


Revolving Credit


The revolving credit facility provided on this HDFC Bank Diners Black Credit Card with lowest interest rate of 1.99% monthly i.e. 23.88% annually.

Lounge Access


Unlimited lounge access available for India and worldwide for card holder. This facility also available for add-on card holder also. You can see the international lounges list from Diners Club International website.

Foreign Currency Markup


When you make a spend on international travel in different currency or international transaction within country then bank charges a fee which is called foreign currency markup.

The 2% fee charges on any spend in foreign currency taken. On the date of settlement, the actual currency conversion rate would be applicable.


Smart EMI


The HDFC Bank Diners Club Black premium credit card comes with smart EMI option.

You can convert any heavy spend into EMI from 6-month tenure to 24 months at very competitive interest rate with processing fee of Rs.999 exclusive GST.

Any transaction related to gold or gold jewellery cannot be converted into EMI.


Welcome Benefits


As it mentioned above to own this premium credit, you have to pay a fee of Rs.10,000.

When you pay such hefty fee for such premium credit card then you can avail the membership of some elite group by spending Rs.1.50lakhs within 90 days.

These elite groups are Club Marriott, Forbes Digital Subscription, Amazon Prime, Dineout Passport, Make My Trip BLACK Elite Tier, and Times Prime Smart.

The benefits will be communicated on your registered mobile/email ID with HDFC bank within 60 days.

The benefits can be downloaded within 60days from the receipt of communication from the bank, after that the benefits will expire.

The customer needs to validate their mobile and email ID through link provided in communication.

After validation customer can avail coupon code for the eligible benefits and have to visit respective website of merchants to activate the membership using the coupon code.


Milestone Benefits


On the spend of Rs.80,000 every month you can select any two benefits amongst BookMyShow or TATA CLiQ or Ola Cabs voucher of worth Rs.500 or cult.fit LIVE one month membership.


Annual Spend Based Benefits


On the spend of 8 lakhs annually on this premium credit card anniversary, you can get two benefits.

The first is renewal fee for next year is waived off.

The second is you become the part of elite group Club Marriott, Forbes Digital Subscription, Amazon Prime, Dineout Passport, Make My Trip BLACK Elite Tier, and Times Prime Smart, if earlier not opt for.


Additional Benefits


Travel Benefits: You can book 150+ airlines tickets and hotels of your choice across India and worldwide which means you can plan your travel any time without much headache.

Wellness Benefits: With this premium credit card you can get special discount on leading spas, saloons, gym and other wellness retreats and can rejoice your life.

Dining Privileges: You can get 2X rewards points on weekend dinning.

Golf Games Access: You can get free access to golf games courses across the world.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver: In the additional benefits of this premium credit card, you can get cashback of Rs.1000 per statement cycle with minimum fuel transaction of Rs.400.

Secondly you can avail 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel filling stations in India.

Contactless Payment: For facilitating fast, convenient, and secure payments this premium credit card is enabled contactless for the amount of less than Rs.5000 at retail outlet in India.

Whereas any amount equal or greater than Rs.5000, you are asked to enter PIN.


Reward Points


You can get 5 rewards points for every spend of Rs.150 and 10X reward points via Smart Buy.

 1 RP Equivalent to
SmartBuy (Flights/Hotels) Rs. 1.00
Airmiles 1.00 AirMile
Product Catalogue (vouchers/products) Upto Rs. 0.50
Cash back Rs. 0.30

But few things should keep in mind about reward points.

  • Rewards Points are valid only for 3 years from the date of accumulation.
  • Rewards Points will not be accrued for fuel transactions.
  • EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will not accrue Rewards Points.
  • Rewards Points accrued will be reversed if a retail transaction is converted into SmartEMI.
  • Rewards Points accrued for Insurance transactions will have a maximum cap of 5,000 per day.
  • From 23 July ’22, Reward points earned on property management services including rent, made with HDFC Bank Diners Black Credit Card will be capped at 2000 RP/month


This HDFC Bank Diners Club premium credit card is earned card not granted.

It comes with lot of benefits which are not available on other credit cards.

When you own it , you become part of some elite group easily.

The insurance feature of this card is awesome.

Last but not the least whatever the features or benefits provided by any credit card but only one thing makes it awesome card and that one thing is your disciplined usage.


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