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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Become Rich

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become rich

10 reasons Why you can’t become rich

Have you ever thought if there is so much financial literature & information available online/offline platform to become rich, then still a lot of persons struggling to become rich? Why so many couldn’t able to create massive fortune? Which factors put us back to become rich?

Here we have concluded 10 reasons why you can’t become rich.

These ten reasons play a pivotal role to become rich.

If you would ignore these ten reasons, then there is a sure-shot way that you would never become rich.

It might be there would be more reasons from these but from my last twelve years of experience with money management, I able to configure these ten reasons.

That’s why I am writing here what I practised.

Online/Offline resources filled with a lot of such content which tells about to become rich but still most of us are at our zero.


As you know there is a lot of information available online/offline platform, but when you extract valuable information from it, then it’s called wisdom.

That’s why there is a significant difference between information & wisdom e.g. in recent Covid-19, there is a lot of business came online from offline.

If someone could be able to extract wisdom from this information, then he definitely made money from those stocks.

So let’s discuss these 10 reasons due to which you couldn’t able to become rich.

The first point is Focus



When you last time make a list of all your monthly expenses when you got your salary?

When you last time anticipate the expenses which are coming in the next six months?

When you last time visit your investments whether it’s on track or not?

When you last time prepared a budget sheet to see a holistic view of your all finances?

If your answer is ‘YES’ then you cleared the first step to become rich. Congratulations…

But if your answer is ‘NO’ then you need a lot of FOCUS. In my last blog ‘10 sure ways to save money’ emphasize on the ways.

But these ways would not work until you have the focus.

Why focus is so important?

Because the focus is the gateway to thinking. If you can’t focus effectively then you can’t think effectively.

If you can’t think effectively, then you can’t be able to figure out what to do.

If you can’t be able to figure out what to do, then nothing will change in your life.

Focus is the key to success. The all wealthy persons on this planet have this quality common to stay focused.

Focus is not the activity of one day but it’s a habit.

A habit can be developed if someone doesn’t possess.

It’s the process of evolution.

When you will start to focus on money matters, you will feel the difference.

You will feel the happiness about things improving.


Discipline is the second step to become rich.

Focus along with discipline is indispensable.

Whereas focus triggers us to take action, Discipline triggers us to maintain consistency.

Nothing could be achieved without consistency.

It doesn’t matter whether you are saving a small or big amount every month if you have the discipline of consistency, You would be able to make money at the end of the day.

Some people start to focus on their savings for a two-three month then due to lack of discipline, things came again back where it was started.

To build the habit of saving, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) of mutual funds is a better option. It gives you the consistency to invest every month.

It makes you disciplined for saving money each month.

Have you ever thought why peoples take home a huge amount when they get retired?

Just because of their every month of saving in GPF/EPF/VPF with discipline.

The amount accumulated in these accounts also attracts the Power of Compounding, which is the 8th wonder of the world.



Patience is the third step to become rich.

No investment could grow without giving enough time.

Some people have the habit to buy a stock today and starts to watch its movement in very next day.

In my last blog on ‘10 points to consider before investing in equity market’ discussed in detail what important points should you consider before investing in equity.

No one can make money without patience.

Suppose you sow a seed today & starts watching its growth very next day.

What would happen?

You will start to become suspicious yourselves whether sow the right seed or not.

Power of compounding will work only if you will give time to grow to your investments.

There is no such magic wand which can make you rich overnight. Remember, the money which comes to you very easy also goes out very easy.

You have seen in the stock market, sometimes we do investment stock & thereafter stock falls 40%-50%.

Some people come out by booking their loss.

But some go with the flow & remain invested. They do average on every dip to bring down the buying price.

Here patience is playing a role for them to make money.

Power Circle:

Power Circle

The meaning of power circle is that in which people you are living.

If you want to make money, then stay with peoples who know how to make money.

If you are living with victor mindset peoples, then you also will become the victor.

If you are living with victim mindset people then will become victim also.

Let’s understand with one more example that when you do planning to buy a car, you start to check every feature of that car critically.

But when you are going to make friends then why not you see features of a person whether he/she is capable to make a friend or not.

Whether he/she enriches my life or not?

It’s better to remain alone than folk of losers.

When you start to live with enlightened people, who know how to become rich then same will reflect on your life also.



Procrastination is one of the major sicknesses of a human being to put things off on tomorrow.

It’s also the biggest road blockage for you to become rich.

As the saying “Thought without Action, Action without Thought” both are wasteful activities.

If you decided for any investment but didn’t execute it. It makes no sense.

Some people just wait for all green signals then they will do.

But, the cost of inaction is more than the cost of action.

The compounding effect in investments will work only if procrastination would not be there.

Remember, we are not here permanent.

An average person lives a life of 28000 days.

If we divide it into four quadrants, then 7000 days of the first quadrant of our life in which we make fun & study.

The same number of days of fourth quadrants of our life which is our after-retirement life would have no income.

Whatever we must achieve or fulfil our dreams, have only 14000 days & this number could be less more if we are already reached to our forties.

So, if we have so limited time in our hands then why we still procrastinating?

Procrastination is a habit, which lowers the potential what would you get in your life.



The fear of failure is one of the unique reason, which obstructs your path to become rich.

No doubt when we have to start investing in any new asset class, we used to be suspicious about that.

But in reality, we have no other option except to believe.

When we start investing in that particular asset class, then slowly-slowly our believe converts into the trust.

When I have started my journey to invest in the equity asset class, I also have the same doubt & fear.

But the best thing is that I started with ‘Belief’ and which is now converted into ‘Trust’.

Fear should be there, but it must not overcome your decision making capability.

As Warren Buffett said, “Don’t measure the depth of the river with both legs”.

So, we should also take a calculated risk.

The person who made money today, it doesn’t mean they were fearless, but they overcome their fear and make a decision.

We have seen there was a good opportunity was come in the month of March 2020 when the market was crashed.

It was the golden opportunity to invest after the 2008 market crash.

But how many out of you invest in that time?

Very few people.

Because at the time of crisis there two more things required, first is Cash, & second is Courage. Most of the time people have the cash but no courage.

Financial Literacy:

Financial Literacy

I read somewhere in the book written by Robin Sharma if you want to double your earning then invest three times in your self-development.

It’s also called the 2X3X formula.

Most people invest heavily below the neck but rarely above the neck.

They rarely invest money to gain financial literacy.

Remember knowledge precedes the change.

So if you really want to become rich, then you must have to learn financial literacy.

Nowadays there is a lot of material available online for financial literacy.

You can also continue with this website where you will always get proper financial guidance based on principles, because strategies will change on the landscape of personal finance but not principles.

What cost are you willing to pay?

What cost are you willing to pay to become rich?

To become rich is simple but not easy.

Like to get up early in morning is simple.

Just put the alarm on your mobile phone & get up at the defined time.

But whether is it easy? definitely NOT.

In same way we must follow above mentioned simple principles in our money matters.

If you have to start systematic investment plan in Mutual funds, then definitely you have to cut off other unnecessary expenses.

You must take conscious decision…You must avoid instant gratification…You must overcome impulse buying behaviour.

Whether all these is so easy?

But when you start to implement all those simple principles slowly-slowly, then one day you would have massive wealth.


The ego of not following the proven ways which leads to massive wealth creation is another reason which keeps us behind.

The best principle which works to become rich is “follow the proven principles”.

It means the people who become rich near to you, they have the qualities of to become rich.

They left their footsteps to become rich.

You just have to follow their footsteps by keeping behind own ego.

Most of the time we don’t follow the proven ways just because of our ego & remain busy to justify ourselves.

Some people come in stock market and bears heavy loss just because they don’t respect the behaviour of stock market because of their ego.

They have understanding that stock market should work as per their wish.

But they forget that Mr. Market is Master & they are slaves.

Sometimes they take wrong call, but problem become bad to worse when they don’t rethink on their decision & don’t roll back their decision.

Family Harmony:

Family Harmony

The last point to become rich is family harmony.

The family harmony just like a wheel of a car.

The family is axle of that car.

Car would be as much stable as the stable axle.

I have seen peoples who could not able to take decision of investment just because of their relationship with family not stable.

They always remain dilemma whether they should go for investment or wait for to get things stable.

When there would be good relationship with your spouse, then there could be taken lot of good decision of investment.

When we will take decision with the involvement of all family members then there is less chances of wrong decision.

As investment demands lot of mental peace for making good decision. Always sit together, discuss openly on all issues, & plan to come out of all those issues. For all this family harmony is mandatory to become rich (exceptions always there)


Now-a-days lot of noise on online platforms. Some favour direct investment will make money…, some favour indirect investment will make money…, Some favour real estate will make money…, some favour stock market will make money.

But we forget that if something will make money from all avenues of investment, that’s is OUR BEHAVIOUR.

This will decide how much money you would make in the end of day.

Our behaviour always remains influenced with above mentioned ten reasons.

So, to become rich we must have to work on all these points.

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